Hearts of Gold 2023/24 and Young Stars 2023/24

Why not give someone a nice surprise to say thank you for being such a special person.
Enter them today just email: why they are so special and we will then contact you by email
If you are under 18 please let an adult know what you are doing.

Young Stars Awards 2021 is in four age groups this year,

4yrs. - 7yrs.  8yrs. - 11yrs.  12yrs. - 15yrs   16yrs - 18yrs.

We are looking for children who have been good with
caring for the people and the world we live in.
They might have just spent time to help a friend to cope with an illness or they might of spent time just being a good friend.Caring for animals, do the shopping, cooking a meal, walking the dog, tiding their room, been good at school, Collecting rubbish from the beach.
These awards are for the Young Hearts of Gold.