About Us And Our Targets


  • We are a self funded charity based at Wisbech in Cambridgeshire who offer help to those in need dealing with all kinds of problems.
  • Our founders have a wealth of experience working with many charities over a 40 year period supporting and raising money all over Great Britain and the UK
  • We are a charity that accepts people for who they are and have no religious or colour of skin preferences after all we are all human..
  • We aim is to end all poverty and cruelty. 
  • We condemn online abuse of any kind and we will report that to the appropriate authorities.
  • We don't ask for money and we don't charge for the services we provide.
  • If ever we visit someone due to them being disabled in some way we would first contact them to arrange a time suitable to them and also to give them all the details of the person who will visit you.
  • They will have a sealed photo ID with our details on and a CRB number on it to.
  • All the people who volunteer with us go through a criminal check and also are vented by us in person.
  • We use a mobile phone service with an answer phone service so that we don't miss a call .
  • You can Text the word Help if in danger and we will get to you straight away. 
  • Your Health and well being is our priority and we will not do anything without your permission.
  • We can with your permission help you with dealing with appointments for your doctors surgeries and hospitals.
  • We will never pass on your details to anyone else without your permission.
  • Please note we need your agreement to hold the personal data you provide.  

  • We'll hold your data securely for the time that we help you and then delete it.

Please feel free to ask any questions just email or call;

  Telephone; 0787 115 8696  - 01945 474319          Email;  

In the event we can't help you,  we will know someone who can.